Counterterrorism : Algeria maintains pressure on terrorist groups in region

APS : Thursday, 20 September 2018
WASHINGTON (Unites States)- Algeria intensified in 2017 its efforts to secure its borders, maintaining pressure on the terrorist groups in the region, said US State Department,
which mentioned Algeria’s “strong diplomatic engagement” to promote regional peace and security.
“Algeria continued significant efforts to prevent terrorist activity within its borders,” said the US department in its Country Reports on Terrorism 2017 published in Washington.
The report submitted by the State Department Counterterrorism Coordinator, Ambassador, Nathan Sales, said that the figures published by the Algerian armed forces “show continued pressure on terrorist groups.”
Referring to some analysts’ assessment, the report said that the Algerian Armed Forces have substantially reduced the capacities of terrorist groups to operate within Algeria.
“Some analysts assess that continuing losses have substantially reduced the capacities of terrorist groups to operate within Algeria,” according to the report drafted by State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau for the Congress.
Thus, “border security remained a top priority” to stop the infiltration of terrorists from neighbouring countries, said the report, which mentioned the coordination actions between the Algerian and Tunisian customs along the common borders, the deployment of additional troops along the border with Libya, the strengthening of surveillance equipment and a concrete wall along the western border.
Currently, all border posts had access to INTERPOL databases.
Though it is not member of the International Coalition against Terrorist Group Daech, Algeria has actively supported in 2017 the efforts to counter the threat of the terrorist group Daech/ISIS through the programmes for the neighboring countries capacities building. It also co- chaired the Global Counterterrorism Forum’s (GCTF’s) West Africa Capacity Building working group.
The Algerian Ministry of Defence has provided timely reporting on incidents during which MND forces captured or eliminated terrorists and seized equipment, arms, ammunition caches, and drugs, added the report.
In 2017, The Algerian government maintained a strict “no concessions” policy with regard to individuals or groups holding its citizens hostage, affirmed the document.
The US Department said that Algeria in 2007 remained “actively committed to regional peace and security.”
Algeria chaired the implementation committee for the peace accord in Mali and continued to press stakeholders to support the UN political process in Libya. It also participated in various Sahel-Saharan fora to discuss development and security policies, the evolution of regional terrorism, and donor coordination.
Recalling its active role as a founding member of the GCTF and a coordinator of Africa counterterrorism efforts, the report said that Algeria hosts the headquarters AU Mechanism for Police Cooperation (AFRIPOL) and CEMOC Fusion and Liaison Unit which also involves Mali, Niger and Mauritania.
The Report also cited Algeria emphasized a whole-of-government CVE approach, including rehabilitation and reintegration programs for repentant terrorists.
It also stressed the actions conducted for an inclusive society, and the regulation of mosques to ensure they are “de-politicized” and “de-ideologized.”
In this regard, the foreign ministry published a booklet on The Role of Democracy in the Fight Against Violent Extremism and Terrorism.

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