Counter-terrorism: Need to undertake action to “deradicalize” youth

APS : Tuesday, 15 December 2015
underlined Tuesday, in Algiers, the need for African countries to undertake actions to “deradicalize” young recruits in terrorist groups.
“Everything must be done so that there is no radicalization of youth and to try and deradicalize those who can be recruited,” said the guest of the Algerian radio’s channel 3, underlining that “no country in the world is safe from terrorist acts.”
“The challenges we must face today is to pay attention to all that is done on the internet, particularly social networks, because it is part of the war that must be dealt with,” against terrorism, warned Chergui.
The diplomat also underlined that “the fight against terrorism on the security and military levels is not enough. There must necessarily be economic projects that can give hope to those youth that are radicalized.”
Among the actions to be undertaken to deradicalize the youth or prevent them from joining terrorist groups, Chergui broached the need “to give hope and launch programmes in order to really meet the population’s socio-economic problems.”
To a question on the terrorist groups’ funding, particularly the self-proclaimed group “Islamic State” (IS), Chergui said that their funding comes from all the weapon and drug trafficking.
In addition, he raffirmed Algeria’s very important role in terms of counterterrorism, underlining that Algeria’s organization, in recent days, of the AFRIPOL (Mechanism of African Police Cooperation) meeting is “a testimony of what the country has done to promote the fight against terrorism and share its experience with African countries and in particular, its neighbours.”

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