Counter-terrorism: “Algeria notes with satisfaction” report of US Department of State

APS : Thursday, 20 July 2017
ALGIERS- “Algeria notes with satisfaction” the report of the US Department of State on the evolution of the fight against terrorism in Algeria published Thursday in Washington,
a report which is distinguished by a positive assessment of the efforts that have been made in 2016 in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism, said a communiqué of Foreign Affairs Ministry.
The report of the Department of State underlines, notably, that Algeria continued an aggressive campaign of fight against terrorist groups as well as organized crime on its territory and its borders” and that the efforts and actions made in this regard are regularly the subject of a public communication from the Ministry of National Defence, keeping the population informed.
The Department of State notes also the absence of kidnapping for ransoms during 2016 as well as the commitment of the Algerian State to the no-concessions policy to hostage takers, as well as the compliance of the national legislation with the international standards instituted by the resolutions 2178 and 2199 of the Council of Security on foreign terrorist fighters and sanctions against Daesh.
It also underlines the “top priority” granted to the security of borders, notably the border areas and oil facilities and the several measures taken by the State for this purpose, under which those implemented to strengthen border control, detection of false documents and intensification of cooperation with INTERPOL through the use of several resources available at the level of this police organization.

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