Commemorating National Migration Day

Commemorating National Migration Day

On October 17, Algeria commemorates the sixtieth anniversary of National Migration Day, which pays tribute to the great sacrifices made by Algerian emigrants during the period of the struggle for freedom and independence. This anniversary coincides with the peaceful demonstrations organized by the Algerian emigrants on 17 October 1961 on French soil, in protest against the decision of the governor (préfet) of Paris to impose a curfew on citizens of Algerian origin. The demonstrations were brutally repressed by the French authorities, these reprisals having made hundreds of Algerian victims.

These demonstrations were an important milestone on the road of our glorious Revolution and an evidence of the cohesion of the Algerian people. Through them, the emigrants reaffirmed their attachment to their homeland and their full support for our Liberation struggle.

Glory and eternity to our martyrs!

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