Chad wants to take advantage of Algeria’s security expertise


ALGIERS- Chad’s minister of Public Security and Immigration, Idriss Dokony Adker, expressed Sunday his country’s desire to benefit from Algeria’s experience in the security field.
Following discussions with the minister of Interior, Local Authorities and Urban Development, Kamel Beldjoud, the Chadian minister said his visit to Algeria was part of bilateral security cooperation, stressing his country’s desire to take advantage of the expertise Algeria has acquired in the field.
He added that his visit was aimed at holding discussions and exchanging experience and expertise with Algeria which, he added, had managed to cope with the “difficult situation of the 1990s.”
Chad “is undergoing a transitional period following the death of its head of State,” Dokony Adker said, adding that “in difficult times, it is natural to ask the help of friendly and close countries.”
“Undergoing a transitional period after the death of the head of State, Chad is working on setting up a military transitional council to ensure the country’s security,” hence the need for the help of Algeria, a country with “unparalleled” experience in terms of security, the Chadian official stressed.

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