Boukadoum meets in New York with members of national community in US

APS : Sunday, 22 September 2019
ALGIERS – Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum, on Saturday in New York met with members of the
national community living in the United States,
during a reception organized at the Consulate General, said Sunday the Foreign ministry in a communiqué.
The “meeting which has been marked by warm atmosphere allowed the foreign minister to speak with our fellow citizens about the situation in the country at the political, economic and social plan,” said the source.
Boukadoum also presented the “recent decisions of the Government in the benefit of the categories in need, notably the disabled who obtained a 150% raise in their monthly allowances.”
The minister also broached the Finance Bill 2020 which “authorizes the import of used cars.”
He also recalled the “different measures taken for the organization of the presidential elections, next December 12 under the sign of fairness, transparency and impartiality, in line with the expectations of our people and the recommendations of the National Authority of Dialogue and Mediation.”
“The promulgation of the new electoral law and the bill establishing an Independent National Authority on Elections (ANIE), besides the convening of the Electoral Body, are all conditions that guarantee the creation of a favorable climate for the conduct of this crucial vote, which would end the crisis and allow Algeria to move forward, “he said.
The members of the national community to US expressed “special interest and readiness to contribute to the county’s development process in all the fields,” he said.

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