Bouazghi advocates win-win agriculture partnership with US

APS : Friday, 18 January 2019
WASHINGTON-Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing, Abdelkader Bouazghi advocated Wednesday in California win-win partnerships between Algeria and the United States
(US) that meet the need for export diversification.
Speaking at a meeting in Sacramento (in California), which brought together US an Algerian companies, the Minister said that the Algerian Government would provide the necessary facilities so that partnerships in agriculture help ensuring food security and diversifying exports.
During the meeting, Bouazghi presented the economic development strategy decided by President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, which considers agriculture a key development lever.
Accompanied by Chairman of the Business Leaders Forum (FCE), Ali Haddad, and Algeria’s Ambassador to Washington, Madjid Bouguerra, the Minister leads a study mission to the State of California to promote partnership opportunities in livestock, dairy and cereal production and agri-food.
The business meeting in Sacramento brought together Algerian and US businessmen from the States of California and Utah, representing a large agricultural consortium that are already in discussion with Algerian partners on projects in Algeria.
For their part, Haddad and Bouguerra encouraged US businessmen to engage with their Algerian partners in promising projects likely to diversify and boost economic and trade relations.
On the second day of the mission, the mission visited many large agricultural and dairy production farms likely to be a development model for agriculture in Algeria.
The agenda of Bouazghi’s visit also includes a meeting with the Agriculture Minister of the State of California, ranked fifth in the world economy and whose economy is based on massive and efficient agriculture.
Moreover, the programme of the visit includes B2B meetings between Algerian and American operators to discuss partnership proposals.
The visit will culminate in the signing of four memoranda of understanding (MoU) on the creation of three large dairy farms of 30,000 cows each and a potato processing project.

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