Bluefin tuna: Algeria to create fattening farms as of 2020

APS : Tuesday, 21 May 2019
ALGIERS – Algeria will embark on the bluefin tuna fattening activity as of 2020, Taha Hammouche, the Agriculture Ministry’s director for fishing and aquaculture told APS on Tuesday.
In November 2018, Algeria obtained authorization for bluefin tuna fattening, of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).
The commission had granted Algeria a licence for the creation of tuna flattening pilot farms with a capacity of 1800 tonnes per year, he said.
Those farms will allow increase this product added value in currency up to 50 million Euros.
The Directorate-General of Fishing has received 10 requests from private investors wishing to obtain concession contracts, announced Hamouche.
Concession contracts were awarded to four investors to establish bluefin tuna farms, and they were given time to start production in 2020.
These farms will be located in El-Tarf (1 aquaculture farm), Chlef (1 aquaculture farm) and Ain Temouchent (2 aquaculture farms).
With regard to marketing, Hamouche said that these products will be subject to the supply / demand rule, emphasizing that the international market was free and based particularly in Asia.
In the Mediterranean, there are 12 bluefin tuna fattening farms producing 11,000 tonnes of fish. Most of these farms are located in Spain, Italy, Malta, Croatia and Turkey as well as in Tunisia which has two farms.
ICCAT has recently issued a licence to Egypt and Libya to start the fattening business.

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