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(English) Energy sector significantly boosted in 2018

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(English) Implementation of Algerian renewable energy strategy accelerates

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(English) Sonatrach signs MoU with two Turkish groups for dehydrogenation project in Turkey

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(Français) Hydrocarbures: achèvement du forage dans le périmètre de Hassi Bir Rekaiz (Sonatrach)

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2012 Publications on Energy and Mining

The Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mining has published its 2012 Status Report on the Energy and Mining Sector and the National Energy Balance for the same year. According to […]

African Security Issues Topped the Agenda of the Bouteflika – Zuma Meeting

‘We have dedicated more time to African security issues’, South African President Jacob Zuma said to the press after his talks with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. ‘As Africans, we believe that […]

Algeria, Nigeria and Niger sign an intergovernmental agreement for the construction of the TSGP

Algeria, Nigeria and Niger have signed in Abuja an intergovernmental agreement on the construction of the Trans-Sahara Gas Pipeline (TSGP) which will connect Nigeria to Europe, via Algeria and Niger, […]

What is Medgaz?

With a transport capacity of 8 billion cubic metres/year. I will connect Beni Saf on the Algenan coast to Akneria a Spanish coast. It will be supplied from the Hassi R gas […]

International Development – Pipelines

At the international level, the development of transport by pipelines is reinforced by three projects:   MEDGAS Project With a capacity of 8 billion m3 per year linking Beni Saf (Algeria) […]

Sonelgaz exports electricity to Europe

IN THE THIRD QUARTER OF 2OO9 Sonelgaz will start to export electricity to Europe The Sonelgaz Group has started its electricity exports to Europe as of the third quarter of […]