APS: Algeria's population reached 38.7 million on 1 January 2014, according to the NSO

Algeria’s population reached 38.7 million on 1 January 2014, according to the figures of the National Statistics Office (NSO) which expects the population to rise to 39.5 million by 1 January 2015.
According to NSO data, the demographic situation in Algeria in 2013 has recorded 963,000 living births, 168,000 deaths and 388,000 marriages.
The demographic situation in 2013 was characterized by a decline in the number of living births and deaths, a slight drop in child mortality and a significant rise in the number of marriages, as reported by the same source.
The NSO pointed out that ‘the natural increase in resident population amounted to 795,000 people or 14,000 less than the previous year’, adding that the natural increase rate dropped ‘from 2.16 to 2.07 per thousand’.
According to the NSO, this downturn ‘is imputed to a significant decrease in living births coupled with a relatively moderated decline in death numbers’. Should this level of natural increase be maintained, resident population would total 39.5 million by 1 January 2015, the same source pointed out.
Resident population numbers increased ‘from 34,590,000 to 38,297,000 between 1 July 2008 and 1 July 2013’, at an average annual rate of 2.06 percent, i.e. by a total of 3,706,000 people. However, the NSO noted that a structural change has occurred in age distribution as a result of the dynamics of population at the turn of the century and the demographic transition that started in the mid-1980s.

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