Algerian-Mauritanian committee discusses opening of border post

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TINDOUF-An Algerian-Mauritanian committee in charge of identifying the technical and material mechanisms and means to open a border post between Algeria and Mauritania,
on Wednesday began a field visit to the province of Tindouf.
The committee visited the kilometre point PK-75 at the Algerian-Mauritanian borders, where it closely examined the requirements to open this border post, considered by both parties as a mean to develop bilateral trade exchanges and a lever for economic development in the region.
The Governor of Tindouf, Amoumene Marmouri said that “both parties agreed to open a border post between the two countries to facilitate the movement of people and goods, to intensify trade exchanges and to open up the region.
In a press conference on the sidelines of this visit, Director-General of Territorial Administration at the Mauritanian Ministry of Interior Hamada Ould Mimou stated that “the opening of this post is part of the implementation of the recommendations of the Algerian-Mauritanian High Joint Commission held in December 2016.”
The presence of this expert committee in the region is an important step in the identification of the technical requirements for the opening of this border post,” said Ould Mimou.
Besides, this post is a “qualitative” development in bilateral cooperation relations, notably in terms of the fluidity of movement of people and goods, the strengthening of economic, commercial and cultural exchanges, security coordination to secure common borders, as well as the fight against illegal migration and cross-border crime, stressed the same official.

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