(English) Algeria celebrates World Civil Defense Day

Съжаляваме, тази публикация е налична само на Английски (Сащ), Френски и Арабски.

APS : Wednesday, 01 March 2023

ALGIERS-Algeria celebrates the World Civil Defense Protection, coinciding with March 1, through informative and awareness-raising events nationwide on various risks, said Wednesday the Directorate General of Civil
Protection (DGCP) in a statement.
Like other member countries of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO), Algeria celebrates this Day themed “The Role of Information Technology in Risk Assessment” through educational activities held in facilities under the DGCP.
“Information technology is an essential component of any effective disaster management system, and facilitates the collection, processing, and analysis of potential risks as well as early warning and dissemination of advice and preventive recommendations,” said the sources.
The services of the Algerian Civil Protection “use information technology for disaster management whose first link is prevention, awareness-raising, preparedness, and operational planning to reduce vulnerability and increase the resilience of communities, while guiding the strategies put in place to cope with disasters,” said the source.
The program outlined by the DGCP includes preventive actions, “namely the rescue and first aid maneuvers in case of industrial risks, road accidents, and domestic fires, in addition to thematic television and radio programs highlighting the role of prevention and awareness in the reduction of various risks.”
An information and awareness campaign is also planned for the general public in schools, vocational training institutes, universities, and youth centers, as well as training sessions on “the gestures that save” for citizens of all backgrounds, especially workers, with the delivery of certificates of participation.
The DGCP has also scheduled information days on its various units to “illustrate the importance and role of Civil Protection in the management of emergencies.”

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