Algeria, Belgium willing to enhance political, economic and security relations

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APS : Thursday, 01 February 2018
ALGIERS-Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign of Belgium Affairs Didier Reynders on Wednesday expressed the willingness of his country and Algeria to further enhance their political, economic and security relations.
“I noticed a common willingness to strengthen bilateral relations,” said Reynders after a meeting with President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
Welcoming the quality “of the fruitful meetings” he had during this two-day visit to Algeria, Reynders said that both countries were committed to strengthening their bilateral economic relations, notably green technologies and health.
Algeria and Belgium inked an agreement providing for “regular political consultations,” said the Belgian official.
Belgium is ready to engage in a “strategic dialogue” with Algeria so that “both countries’ police and intelligence services meet regularly under the aegis of the Foreign Ministry like Algeria does with other partners,” said Reynders.
The Belgian FM affirmed that both countries agreed to exchange on Belgium’s perception on “the European Union (EU) and its reactions to some issues. Algeria will probably better inform us of the way Africa reacts through the African Union (AU) and develops ideas or proposals to address certain issues that can sometimes be complicated.”
Algeria is “very attentive” to the situation prevailing in central Africa “and Western Sahara where we hope the United Nations (UN) will continue their work with Horst Kohler to find a solution to the conflict.”
“These are the issues we will work on,” stated the source.
Reynders hoped his country “will take advantage of Algeria’s experience in the fight against radicalization.”
“Algeria went through dark years but managed to bring stability in the country and the region,” stressed Reynders.
“We have to think about the means to develop a conception of a moderate religion through the training of imams in Europe and Belgium in particular,” stated Reynders.

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