Berlin II Conference: Algeria denounces violation of arms embargo in Libya

APS : Mercredi, 23 Juin 2021

BERLIN- Minister of Foreign Affairs Sabri Boukadoum denounced Wednesday, in Berlin, “the continued violation of the UN embargo on arms in Libya and the delay in the withdrawal of the mercenaries and foreign forces,”
underlining that “Algeria is directly and immediately affected by the events occurring near its borders.”

“We are extremely saddened by the continued violations of the United Nations’ embargo on arms as well as the continuing delays in the withdrawal of foreign forces and armed groups, including mercenaries. As an immediate neighbor, we are directly and immediately affected, more than anyone else, by the events occurring near our borders,” said Boukadoum in an address before the participants in the Berlin II Conference on Libya.

“We consider it as a threat to our own security. It is difficult to understand why and for what purpose the overflow of weapons to the Libya parties has never stopped despite the numerous Security Council resolutions,” he said.

For Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum “this situation undermines the credibility of the United Nations, and raises serious questions about our collective commitment: what message are we conveying to the Libyan parties? Why is the UN Security Council unable to deal with the repeated and blatant violations of its own resolutions?,” adding “I seize this opportunity to reiterate our call to all the exterior players involved in the conflict to reaffirm their commitment to the findings of Berlin Conference and to refrain from feeding division and bloodshed in Libya. We urge them to be part of the solution and not to complicate it.”

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