Benmessaoud partakes, in Bulgaria, in conference on investment in sustainable tourism

APS : Wednesday 29 May 2019
ALGIERS- Minister of Tourism and Craft Industry Abdelkader Benmessaoud will take part Thursday, in Bulgaria, in a conference on investment in sustainable tourism, said Wednesday a ministerial communiqué.
Organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism and the consultative Council of the International Conference on Tourism Investment, this two-day conference is meant to “encourage the global debates on the theme of the investment in sustainable tourism, establish cooperation bridges and to create new opportunities for the different players and innovators in the field of business,” said the communiqué.
In addition to the strengthening of the technical capacities and the exchange of experiences in terms of new mechanisms relating to project financing within a shared and lasting economy, this conference will allow also “implementing a tourism investment platform in the presence of decision-makers in tourism, notably ministers, project holders and investors,” added the source.
This conference “will be an opportunity for the minister of Tourism to examine ways to strengthen and develop Algerian-Bulgarian relations, as well as with other countries participating in this international event,” concluded the source.

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