Belhimer: Algeria attaches particular importance to media role in defense of Arab questions


CAIRO – Algeria attaches particular importance to the role of media and communication in the handling of the domestic affairs (of countries) and the defense of Arab questions,
through the large-scale use of digital and electronic media, Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government, Ammar Belhimer said Wednesday in Cairo.

The minister partook in the 51st session of the Arab Information Ministers Council held in Cairo.

“President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune frequently addresses citizens via social networks and through regular interviews with national, Arab and international media outlets,” said the minister stressing that the “Arab causes have had a preponderant place during all these interviews as he repeatedly reaffirmed Algeria’s support for the efforts aiming the building of bridges of trust and promoting cooperation in the various fields, particularly media.”

The Minister of Communication further added that through this approach, Algeria is seeking to “mobilize information and communication media as to positively contribute to promoting opportunities for coordination and form a united front in the face of attempts to divide and weaken the role of the Arab media in dealing with key causes, mainly ‘the Palestinian cause’.”

Belhimer said that the theme “the Arab media landscape and the pending issues” chosen for this Council session “reflects the need to regularly examine the state of our media landscape and to know the ‘influence of information and communication media in the understanding of the Arab situation.”

The Arab media strategy, adopted at the 49th session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, chaired by Algeria, offered “an optimal framework which success is based on three concurrent contexts namely, the national context, the Arab context and the international context.”

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