Basic needs of pharmaceutical industry are met in Algeria

APS : Wednesday, 23 March 2016
ALGIERS- The “basic requirements for a pharmaceutical industry are met in Algeria,” said Wednesday, in Algiers,
the president of the Forum of Business Leaders (FCE), Ali Haddad, assuring the Forum’s availability to contribute to the building of the biotechnological pole in Algeria by 2020.
Haddad spoke at the opening of the Algerian-American forum dedicated to this project, organized by the Council of Algerian-American businessmen and PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America).
Among the requirements that encourage investment in this sector, the president of the FCE cited the existence of an economic environment “conducive for investment and partnership,” a technical environment “in significant improvement” and finally, a “stable, predictable, and coherent” regulatory mechanism.
As many factors that make the goal of pharmaceutical coverage for 70% of the Algerian population’s needs “achievable,” he said, noting the economically and socially “sensitive” nature of the right of access to care for the ill.

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