Augusta refinery: Main Italian employers’ organization welcomes presence of Sonatrach

APS : Saturday, 15 December 2018
ALGIERS-Italia’s main employers’ organization Confindustria welcomed the presence of the Augusta refinery of Sonatrach within it and called this presence “an opportunity for
Italian companies to open to the Algerian market,” said Italian media Siracusanews.
The yearly meeting of the member companies of the local representation of Confindustria de Syracuse (Confindustria Siracusa) coincided with the “Reception meeting” of 23 new companies that acceded to the employers’ organization in 2018.
“These companies include Sonatrach, an Algerian public company that completed the purchase operation of Esso refinery in Augusta (Sicilia),” said the media.
In his welcome message quoted by Siracusanews, CEO of Sonatrach’s Augusta refinery, Rosario Pistorio stated that “Sonatrach decided to invest in this territory, in the Augusta refinery, in the fields of Augusta, Palermo and Naples under the SH 2030 strategy aimed at developing the group.”
According to Pistorio, “this choice is certainly a sign of trust in the territory, the directorate and staff of Augusta refinery. Values of respect for safety, the environment and integrity will remain and attention will be attached to the needs of communities and the territory, with full respect for competitive and sustainable development,” he continued.
For his part, Chairman of Confindustria Siracusa, Diego Bivona stated “I thank Esso Italiana for the gift we have received, namely the presence of Sonatrach, an Algerian public company, a multinational corporation and a large oil group that has chosen this territory to invest in and that will revive the refinery’s activities.”
Moreover, “choosing a CEO from Sicilia, Rosario Pistorio is a sign of attention to this territory.”
The presence of Sonatrach refinery in Augusta, at the heart of the Mediterranean, is also an opportunity for our (Italian) companies to open to the Algerian market. I hope Sonatrach will receive the welcome it deserves from the territory, provided it operates optimally for the growth of our economy and the productive fabric of Syracuse, said Siracusa.

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