AU Commissioner for Infrastructure, Energy and Tourism welcomes relations with Algeria

ALGIERS-Commissioner for Infrastructure, Energy, ICT and Tourism at the African Union Commission (AUC) Amani Abou-Zeid on Monday welcomed excellent multilateral relations with Algeria in various areas,
said the Ministry of Tourism and Craft Industry in a communiqué.
Following an audience with Minister of Tourism and Craft Industry Hassan Mermouri, Abou Zeid welcomed excellent relations with Algeria in various areas, stressing her willingness to strengthen and develop bilateral partnership, notably in the field of tourism.”
As regards the situation of tourism in Africa, the AU official said that although African has exceptional tourist potentialities, the tourism sector continues to have a secondary role in the global market. She underlined the need to pool the efforts of various African countries to find a solution likely to boost tourism in the continent.
In this connection, Abou Zeid referred to certain obstacles to the tourism sector development including the lack of communication, notably the use of modern ICTs to promote destinations in the continent.
Besides, Abou Zeid handed over an invitation to Mermouri to partake in the 1st African Ministerial Conference on Tourism in Zimbabwe to contribute to the establishment of a tourism strategy by African countries, allowing the continent to a prominent place in the field.
For his part, Mermouri welcomed the proposals made by the AU official to revive tourism in Africa, reiterating Algeria’s willingness to enhance cooperation ties with the AUC under multilateral cooperation, with a view to reviving tourism and craft industry in Africa and Algeria.
Stressing the need to be in line with the current developments in the world, the minister expressed Algeria’s willingness to share its tourism experience, notably in terms of database and statistics.
Both sides underlined the need to revive tourism in the continent and work together to surmount obstacles and change Africa’s image in the world.

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