Arab Organization of Agricultural Development opens regional office in Algiers

APS : Saturday, 27 July 2019
ALGIERS- Arab Organization of Agricultural Development (AOAD) opened Saturday in Algiers its regional office, covering the five countries of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU: Algeria, Libya, Mauritania,
Morocco and Tunisia).
Algiers’ office fourth of its kind in the Arab world, after those of Kuwait, Amman (Jordan) and Khartoum (Sudan), which hosts the main headquarters of AOAD, an Arab League agency.
The general manager of the Arab Organization of Agricultural Development, Adam Ahmed El-Dekhairi, said the new office will contribute to boosting joint Arab action in agriculture, in the light of the common challenges facing Arab countries.
The speaker cited improvement of production systems, environmental vulnerability, scarcity of water resources and unhealthy eating habits.
In addition to supervising cooperation and coordination among the countries of the Maghreb region, the new office is likely to expand the international partnerships of the AOAD, created in 1970.
Algiers’ office will intensify the organization’s activities in the West African countries, El-Dekhairi said.

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