Arab Maghreb Union’s meetings: Spain welcomes Algeria’s initiative

APS : Wednesday, 28 November 2018
ORAN- Spain’s ambassador to Algeria Fernando Moran Calvo-Soleto said Wednesday, in Oran, that his country welcomed Algeria’s initiative for the holding of a meeting of the Arab Maghreb Union’s Foreign Ministers Council,
underlining its usefulness for the integration in the Maghreb.
“The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomed Tuesday the Algerian initiative considering the Maghreb integration as a priority,” said Moran Calvo Soleto, guest of the “Forum of citizens,” organized by the press group “Ouest Tribune,” in its reply to a question on Algeria’s recent call for the revival of the Arab Maghreb Union.
Algeria informed officially on Thursday the Union’s secretary general, calling him to organize, as soon as possible, a meeting of the Union’s Foreign Ministers Council, an initiative which is “in line with the Algeria’s firm conviction on the need to revive the building of the Maghreb and its authorities,” said the communiqué of the Ministry.

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