Arab Contact Group, led by Lamamra, holds discussions with Ukrainian Foreign minister

APS : Tuesday, 05 April 2022

ALGIERS- The Arab Contact Group, led by Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra, held Tuesday in Warsaw (Poland), discussions with Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro
Kuleba as part of the efforts for the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.

After Moscow, the Arab Contact Group in charge of the conflict in Ukraine, chaired by Ramtane Lamamra and made up of Foreign ministers of Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt and the Secretary-General of the Arab League, arrived in Warsaw (Poland) where it held a meeting with the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba as part of the efforts aimed to contribute to the settlement of the crisis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad said in a statement.

“The Arab and Ukrainian parties held broadened discussions on prospects to settle the crisis and mitigate its security, political, humanitarian, and economic impacts,” said the source.

Expressing its “concern about the effects of this crisis and dangerousness of its continuation,” the Arab delegation expressed “support to the direct negotiation process between the Ukrainian and Russian sides.”

The Arab delegation expressed willingness to “deploy the necessary efforts to back this process for a cessation of the military operations in anticipation of a lasting political solution to the crisis based on the international legality, the United Nations Charter and the principles of good neighborliness, sovereignty and of the territorial integrity of countries to guarantee the legitimate interests of all the parties.”

After the meeting, Lamamra held a press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart in which he affirmed that “the meetings with the Russian and Ukrainian parties enabled the Arab Contact Group to better understand the development of the situation and to know the positions of the two parties to the conflict.”

“These meetings enabled strengthening the conviction that there is no alternative to a political solution to the crisis,” added Lamamra.

Speaking at this conference, Kuleba extended his heartfelt condolences to Algeria, particularly to the family of the Algerian student, Talbi Mohamed Abd El Monaim who died in Ukraine in the beginning of the conflict.

The Ukrainian Foreign minister thanked his Algerian counterpart for “the efforts made as part of the Arab Contact Group to settle the crisis,” expressing the hope that the war ends quickly to enable the Algerian students to return to the Ukrainian universities.

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