APS: Algerian demographic situation: life expectancy increases to 77 years (NSO)

Situation démographique
Life expectancy of Algeria’s resident population increased to 77 years in 2013 from 76.4 years in 2012, according to the national National Statistical Office (NSO).
The NSO has also reported that in 2013 ‘the population aged under age 5 continued to rise, from 11.2 percent in 2012 to 11.4 percent in 2013, while the population under age 15 has risen from 27.9 percent to 28.1 percent for the same period’.
According to the same source, ‘the population of working age (15-59) showed further regression from 64.0 percent to 63.6percent over the same period of time’, whereas the number of senior citizens aged 60 and above grew by 3.188.000 personnes, increasing from 8.1 percent in 2012 to 8.3 percent in 2013’.
On the other hand, the numbers of female population of reproductive age (15-49 have increased by 100,000 from 2012 reaching 10.6 million women, the NSO said.
A decrease in living births
A total of 963,000 living births or 2,600 per day were recorded in 2013. soit une moyenne de plus de 2.600 naissances vivantes par jour. Sex ratio was 105 males to 100 females.
According to the NSO, ‘there has been a decline in the numbers of births for the first time since 2003’ with the number of living births being lower by 15,000 compared to 2012 but still higher compared to 2011’.
A lower child mortality rate
‘The number of deaths reached 168,000 in 2013, down by 1,1 percent from 2012, with overall mortality rate decreasing from  4.53 per thousand in 2012 to 4.39 per thousand in 2013’, according to NSO data.
Also, ‘the under-one mortality amounted to 21,586 deaths in 2013’ which was ‘a slight decline from the previous year’, the NSO said, noting that this resulted in a decrease in child mortality rate’.
In 2013, a total of 15,009 of stillborn births were recorded, down from, 15,795 in 2012. As a result, death rate fell from 15.9 per thousand in 2012 à 15.4 per thousand in 2013, according to the same source.
A significant increase in the number of marriages
According to the NSO, 2013 saw ‘a very significant increase in the number of marriages with civil registration offices having recorded 387,974 unions, up by 4.6 percent from 2012.
‘The overall marriage rate thus rose from 9.90 per thousand in 2012 to 10.13 per thousand in 2013’, the NSO pointed out.

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