Algiers, Washington pledge to boost multifaceted cooperation

APS : Wednesday, 30 January 2019
WASHINGTON-Algeria and the United States of America on Tuesday pledged to boost bilateral multifaceted cooperation
“The two Governments agreed to sustain cooperation to advance shared interests in regional stability
and a defeat of terrorist groups including AQIM and ISIS,” said a joint communiqué released ahead of the 4th session of the Algeria-US strategic Dialogue held Monday in Washington, under the co-chairmanship of Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelakder Messahel and Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo.
Both sides underlined “their strong support for increased business-to-business engagement, free, fair and reciprocal trade, and a closer economic partnership.”
Furthermore, the two Governments “reviewed cultural and educational programs between the two countries and agreed to intensify joint work to promote educational exchange and protect cultural heritage.”
Messahel and Pompeo stressed emphasized “their commitment to a long-standing relationship between Algeria and the United States” and “anticipated continuing consultations on the topics reviewed at the Strategic Dialogue.”
The 4th session of the Algeria-US Strategic Dialogue was an opportunity for Messahel and Pompeo reviewed the close and productive partnership between the two countries and discussed areas for future Algeria-US Cooperation.
The session took place in the form of meetings of sectoral committees on political, security, economic and cultural issues.
Besides, the two officials held talks at on bilateral ties and regional and international issues of common interest.

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