Algiers, Paris willing to counter different threats in Sahel , in Libya, in Mali

APS : Sunday, 10 April 2016
ALGIERS – Algeria and France have expressed Sunday in Algiers as part of the 3rd session of the Algerian-French High Level Intergovernmental Committee (CIHN),
their willingness to counter the various threats, including terrorism in the Sahel-Saharan region.
The two parties, concerned over the geopolitical and security situation in the Sahel-Saharan region, “have shown their willingness to deal with various threats, including terrorism,” the joint statement issued at the end of the 3rd session of CIHN.
The situation in the Sahel-Saharan region is characterized, according to the same source, by “the proliferation of organized crime in all its forms, as well as the subversive actions of transnational terrorist organizations aiming to destabilize this region of Africa North and western Mediterranean basin.”
Algiers and Paris are “determined to continue their dialogue and deepen their cooperation in the fight against this transnational scourge, in accordance with their international commitments and the principles and rules of international law.”
In addition, the two parties, desiring to reduce the scope of transnational terrorist organizations rampant in the Sahel-Saharan strip, “agreed on the need to include the fight against these terrorist organizations in a global dimension, which requires drying up their financing resources, notably their revenues from drug trafficking, illicit arms trade and supplies of hydrocarbons, and ransom payment.”
Algeria, France to pursue support to political process in Libya
ALGIERS-Algeria and France will pursue their support to the political process in Libya as it is “the unique solution able to bring stability” to this country, and consider that the arrival in Tripoli of the Premier and members of his presidential council represents “a positive development.”
“Both parties agreed to actively pursue the UN-backed political process, which is the unique solution able to bring stability to Libya and preserve its sovereignty, territorial integrity and the unity of its people,” according to the joint communiqué issued after the 3rd session of the Algerian-French High Level Intergovernmental Committee held Sunday in Algiers.
Algiers and Paris hailed “advances” in the implementation of the Libyan political agreement inked on 17 September 2015 and stressed that the arrival in Tripoli of Premier Fayez al-Sarraj and members of the Presidential Council represents “a positive development for Libya.”
Both parties advocated the installation in Tripoli of the national unity government as part of the implementation of provisions of the Libyan political Agreement and the “control, by this government, of the country’s financial administrations and institutions.”
They also highlighted the responsibility that “falls” to the international community to back this government due to the political, security
Mali: Algeria, France express satisfaction about “positive” development in peace process
ALGIERS-Algeria and France expressed their “satisfaction” about the “positive” development in the peace process in Mali and stressed the need for a “diligent and integral” implementation of the Agreement inked in Algiers, with political, technical and financial support of the international community.
“After discussing the situation in Mai, both parties expressed satisfaction about the positive development in the peace process following the signing of the peace and reconciliation Agreement in Mali in Algiers, and stressed the need for a diligent and integral implementation of the Agreement to enable a sustainable settlement of the crisis in Mali,” according to a joint communiqué issued after the 3rd session of the Algerian-French High Level Intergovernmental Committee (CIHN).
Both parties expressed their “concern” over the “delays” recorded in the implementation of the Agreement and called on the parties “to fully assume their responsibilities part of a spirit of cooperation and sincerity, to fulfil their commitments.”
Algeria and France hailed the continuing international support to Mali and affirmed their support to Special Representative of the Secretary-general (SRSG) and Head of MINUSMA Mahamat Saleh Annadif in the fulfilment of his mission.

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