Algeria's Reveries of Solitary Actor competes at Cannes' Pan-African Film Festival

APS : Thursday, 07 April 2016
ALGIERS- Feature-length film Reveries of the Solitary Actor, by Algerian director Hamid Benamra, will take part in the official competition at the 13th International Pan-African Film Festival in Cannes, France (April 16-20)
, organizers said.
The movie, produced by NunFilm, is about an actor’s concerns, dreams and ambitions.
Actor Mohamed Adar is the film’s main character.
Using a plethora of archival images, the film is meant to be a tribute to Algerian and Arab artists, filmmakers and men of culture.
Director, actor and photographer, Hamid Benamra made his first movie, For a Better Life, in 1981, before specializing in short films and documentaries since 2007.
Reveries of the Solitary Actor earned a special mention from the jury at Algiers International Film festival in February 2016, and received a similar distinction at Egypt’s Luxor African Film Festival in March.
Fifty movies from 30 countries will compete in the 13th International Pan-African Film Festival in Cannes

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