Algeria’s embassy in Mali attacked Monday by demonstrators

APS : Friday, 16 March 2018
ALGIERS- The Algerian Embassy in Mali has been attacked on Monday by a group of demonstrators, said a communiqué of the Malian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
“The Malian government informs the national and international community that a group of demonstrators has attacked on Monday, 12 March, the headquarters of the Algerian Embassy,” the source said.
“The Malian government condemns unfriendly act and says that an inquiry has been opened in order to find the perpetrators and the people behind this act,” added the source.
“The Malian government expresses its regrets to the Government of the Algerian Republic,” said the communiqué.
It “recalls that the representations of the States and institutions are and remain inviolable and that any attack on the diplomatic representations and personnel is detrimental to the image of Mali,” it stressed.
The “government sends reassurance to the Algerian embassy personnel and the entire diplomatic community in Mali of its commitment and respect of the international conventions and its determination to ensure their protection and guarantee the security of those places of work and residence,” concluded the ministry.

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