Algiers (El-Djazaïr in Arabic), called ‘la blanche’ ,or the white one, by the French, is the capital of Algeria. It is a large city with whitewashed buildings, between the Mediterranean and Algerian farmland. The city is good tourist destination and serves as a gateway to the rest of the country.
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Oran, Algeria is also situated on the Mediterranean coast and is a highly visited tourist destination in Algeria, rich in history and rythm. The city is in the northwestern region of the country, acting as a commercial center in the region and a major port.
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Djemila is a mountain village in the northern part of Algiers, essential to visit if you want to learn more about the history of the region. Remains of the Roman town called Cuicul can be seen, including structures like arches, temples, basilicas and a theater.
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Constantine is a city positioned in north-east Algeria, slightly inland and an important tourist destination. The city is situated in a naturally created fortress, which was occupied in Neolithic times. Today Constantine has grown past its original fortifications, but it keeps sight of its origins.
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Timgad was a Roman colonial town, currently situated near the Algerian city of Batna. The roman ruins are extensive and a thorough walk will repay the effort.
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