Algeria wins 4 Awards at Arab Radio and TV Festival in Tunis

APS : Monday, 30 April 2018
TUNIS- Algeria has won four awards at the 19th Arab Radio and TV Festival held in Tunis. Three of the awards were obtained by the Algerian TV while the fourth returned to the national radio.
The awards have been won following the contest organized by the Arab States Broadcasting (ASBU), as part of the 19th Arab Radio and TV Festival.
The award received by the National Radio is about a programme made by Tlemcen’s local radio on the “disabled.”
As for it the National Television obtained the best entertainment programme award for “Between yesterday and today (bin el barah wa el youm)” and the gold medal for the children’s programme for “Children’s Studio (sighar).”
The third award for the television is a silver medal for the documentary “The stones of the civilization (soukhourou el hadhara)” on the rock engravings.
Minister of Communication Djamel Kaouane, Tunisian Minister of Cultural Affairs Mohamed Zine El Abidine and Sudanese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Information Ahmed Bilal took part in the 19th Arab Radio and Television Festival. Managers of public and private media, in addition to world personalities and culture and art also attended this meeting.
Kaouane was granted the “Shield” of the ASBU.

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