Algeria will spare no effort to ensure reconciliation in Libya

APS : Mercredi, 23 Juin 2021

BERLIN-Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum said Wednesday in Berlin, Germany, that “Algeria will spare no effort to ensure the success of the national reconciliation process in Libya, noting “the importance of this site to
ensure stability, unity and social cohesion in the long term” in this country.
We commend the Libyan Presidency Council for having established a High Commission for National Reconciliation to settle the crisis in Libya,” said Boukadoum in his speech at the opening of the Berlin II Conference on Libya.

“We need to develop a monitoring mechanism to the Berlin Conference to regularly assess the implementation of our respective commitments,” he stressed.
“I call on all participants to support and understand the legitimate concerns and positions of neighboring countries. What affects Libya affects us directly and immediately,” he added.
The FM called, in this regard, “all actors involved in Libya to unite their efforts and actions to end the struggle of the Libyan people, and the region.”
Moreover, Boukadoum reiterated “Algeria’s commitment to a political process controlled by Libyans with the help of the international community which is committed to respecting the sovereignty
and territorial integrity of Libya as well as the sovereign right of its people to benefit from its natural resources.
“Let’s make sure that the general consensus around a political and peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya does not remain a mere slogan,” added Boukadoum.

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