Algeria was very first target of terrorism

APS : Sunday, 30 September 2018
NEW YORK- Foreign Affairs Minister Abdelkader Messahel underlined Saturday, in New York, that Algeria was “the very first target of terrorism,” a phenomenon that has become one of the world’s most destructive scourges.
“Terrorism, of which Algeria was the very first target at the end of the last century, has become nowadays one the world’s most destructive scourges,” he said in a speech at the general debate of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly.
He affirmed that Algeria, with great sacrifices, “was able to address it alone,” by adopting an approach and measures that proved their effectiveness.
“This experience, that we are ready to share, was based on the conviction that any fight strategy must imperatively attack the deep causes of this scourge and that it must be accompanied by a policy of a determined struggle against radicalization and violent extremism,” he said.
The head of the Algerian diplomacy called on the international community to ensure that the struggle against this scourge is accompanied by de-radicalization measures and a real promotion of policies advocating the “living-together”.
“I would therefore recall that the resolution of the United Nations declaring the 16th of May as an international day of living together in peace, initiated by Algeria, is part of the efforts aimed at promoting the principles of inclusive dialogue that should govern the search of solution to the challenges of stability at the national and international levels,” he said.
The minister said that Algeria is “ legitimately proud” as the values and principles of living together in peace constituted the foundation stone of the policy of civil concord and national reconciliation, implemented by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika to “definitely” end the national tragedy.

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