Algeria takes over chairmanship of COMELEC


ALGIERS- Algeria, represented by Sonelgaz, has taken over the presidency of the Maghreb Committee of Electricity (COMELEC) for a three-year term (2021-2023), Sonelgaz said Tuesday in a statement.
The decision was taken at a COMELEC meeting, held by video link on Tuesday, and attended by the chief executive officer of the Sonelgaz group, Chaher Boulakhras, along with the committee’s members, the representatives of the electricity companies of Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania, the statement said.
During the meeting, the secretary general of the Maghreb Electricity Committee presented the 2020 activity report and the 2021 roadmap, before addressing several issues, including financial contributions.
In an address after taking over the presidency of COMELEC, Boulakhras submitted “proposals reflecting Algeria’s desire, through Sonelgaz, to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the field of electrical energy in the Maghreb market.”
In the meeting, the secretary general of the Maghreb Committee of Electricity presented the annual report 2020 and the roadmap 2021, before tackling various issues, including financial contributions.

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