Algeria strongly condemns massacre committed by Israeli occupying forces in Gaza

APS : Saturday, 31 March 2018
ALGIERS – Algeria on Saturday has “strongly” condemned the massacre committed Friday by the Israeli occupying forces against Palestinians in Gaza Strip, said a communiqué of the Foreign Ministry.
Algeria “strongly condemned the massacre committed by the Israeli occupying forces against the participants in the peaceful demonstrations, staged Friday by the Palestinian people, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 42th anniversary of the Land Day,” added the source.
The assault by the Israeli army killed 16 Palestinians and injured over 1,400 injured.
Algeria denounces “forcefully” the serious escalation and the “flagrant violations” by Israel of the international charters and laws, calling on the international community to “rapidly” guarantee the full protection of the disarmed Palestinian people.
After paying tribute to the martyrs fallen during these demonstrations, Algeria reiterated its “solidarity” with the Palestinian people and government, as well as its “support” to the Palestinians in their legitimate struggle to take back their occupied land and the establishment of an independent State with Al Quds as capital.
The general strike, organized to protest the massacre committed by the Israeli forces, has been observed Saturday in all the provinces of Palestine, notably the commercial and educational sectors, including private and public institutions.
To this end, schools and universities have closed, as well as banks, as part of the national mourning declared by the Palestinian authorities.

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