Algeria “strongly” condemns EP resolution on human rights in Algeria

APS : Saturday, 28 November 2020

ALGIERS-The Foreign Ministry on Saturday has “strongly” condemned the resolution of the European Parliament (EP) on the situation of human rights in Algeria whose “outrageous content” amounts to “a string of insults and snubs against the Algerian people, their institutions and the Algerian state.”
“According to a dubious urgent procedure, the EP believed it had to adopt a new resolution on the situation in Algeria whose outrageous content amounts to a string of insults and snubs against the Algerian people, their institutions and the Algerian state,” said the source.
“Algeria strongly condemns this resolution that can only result in undermining its ties with European partners, at a time that does require enhanced dialogue and tighter cooperation in an environment of serenity and responsibility,” said the source.
“Therefore, Algeria denies in the most contemptuous way the fallacious accusations peddled within the European Parliament. Algeria also deplores the fundamentally hateful and paternalistic tone of this text, which denotes hostility worthy of the colonial period of certain European circles towards the Algerian people and its sovereign choices.”
“Moreover, Algeria recalls that it is bound with European partners by ties based on the principles of sovereign equality, mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs. Thus, it cannot accept that a European institution, even if it is elected, interferes in such a crude and unacceptable manner in its internal affairs,” said the FM’s communiqué.
“This document would cause someone to raise a smile if it were not riddled with extremely serious and malicious allegations and accusations made by members of parliament against the Algerian authorities, accusations ranging from arbitrary detention to acts of torture allegedly committed against members of the Hirak (popular movement) arrested by the security services,” concluded the ministry.

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