Algeria stands in solidarity with Libya, equidistant from conflicting parties

ALGIERS- Algeria has always been equidistant from the parties to the conflict in Libya and has developed a position of “solidarity” with the brotherly Libyan people since the outset of the crisis,
continuing to work for an inclusive political solution to the situation in this country.
The humanitarian aspect has taken a great dimension in Algeria’s position as shown in Thursday’s action, consisting in humanitarian aid sent to the population of this sister country.
The action has been undertaken on the instructions of President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, with the contribution of the People’s National Army, as 100 tonnes of humanitarian relief made up of food and medicine will be sent to Libya, through an airlift between the military airport of Boufarik and that of Djanet.
Algeria’s action, according to observers, comes at a time when different foreign parties are pushing for “increased militarization of the conflict by supporting one or another of the conflicting parties with the risk of conflagration in the region.”
Algeria, through its diplomacy, has clarified its position of principle over the conflict in Libya, a neighbor country, observers said.
Algeria “has made all efforts to spare the brotherly Libyan people the scourge of war.”
Equidistant to the conflicting parties, Algeria, through the voice of its Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum, has reiterated its conviction that the settlement of the crisis in Libya is contingent on a political and peaceful inter-Libyan solution, announcing many initiatives to be taken in the coming days in this respect.

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