Algeria reiterates, at UN, need for comprehensive, consensual approach of development issues

APS : Thursday, 12 April 2018
NEW YORK- The ambassador, deputy permanent representative of Algeria at the United Nations, Mohamed Bessedik reiterated in New York the need for the international community to adopt a
“comprehensive and consensual” approach of the issues of peace, security, climate and improvement of populations’ lives.
Speaking in the general debate of the 51st session of the Commission on Population and Development, held at the United Nations, Algeria’s representative called on “all the stakeholders to renew their commitment to the implementation of an action plan on the population and development at the national, regional, and international levels.”
This action plan must also be centered on the issues of sustainable cities, human mobility and international migrations, which constitute the theme of the current session of the Commission on Population and Development, said the source.
“This vision is based on the new global realties concerning the climate change, damage to biodiversity and ecosystems and socio-economic inequalities of populations and regions,” added Bessedik.
Algeria’s representative underlined that the good governance and implementation of appropriated policies are necessary to set up a climate suitable to increase the opportunities of employment, notably for young people.

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