Algeria reaffirms at UN commitment to promote peace values

APS : Friday, 11 September 2020

NEW YORK (United States) – Sofiane Mimouni, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations reaffirmed Thursday Algeria’s commitment to promoting the values of peace and living together, during the High Level Forum on Culture of Peace.
The UN General Assembly on Thursday organized the annual High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Declaration and Programme of Action on the Culture of Peace, as provided for by resolution 53/243 adopted on 6 October 1999.

During this Forum, attended by the President of the General Assembly and the Secretary General of the United Nations, the representative of
Algeria, recalled that the first words of the United Nations Charter were “We, the Peoples of the United Nations”, stressing that “all
Nations of the world have their own cultures, their own histories and their own beliefs but that all together made up the human civilization,” a civilization, he argued, shaped over the course of history by centuries of conflict but also of coexistence and cooperation.

The “United Nations Charter has been and remains, fortunately, in our time, the model of global coexistence and clearly defines the concept of Peace that all Nations are committed to respecting,” he said.
The Ambassador further noted the “importance of the United Nations Declaration and Programme of Action on the Culture of Peace”, and stressed that these documents constituted a “change in the perception of the concept of peace, moving from an approach which considers peace as an end in itself to an approach that makes it a process requiring the contribution and cooperation of all to achieve lasting peace.”

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