Algeria, "pole of stability" in region, says Spanish FM

APS : Thursday, 06 September 2018
ALGIERS- Algeria is a “pole of stability” in the region, said Thursday Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Josep Borrell i Fontelles, hailing the “responsible” role it assumes in the region.
“We are friendly countries. We have a common strategy to face the common problems. The responsible role you assume at the regional level comforts us. In this region affected by many problems, Algeria is a pole of stability,” the Spanish minister said following his meeting with Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel.
He said that cooperation between the two countries is “extremely useful and very performing” covering all the “sensitive” matters.
He also stressed their “deep” talks about “all the affairs” connected to the two countries.
Those talks also concerned “the Euro-Mediterranean relationships and the meeting which will soon be held in Barcelona as well as the situation in Libya,” said the minister, adding that “many topics have led to a common and positive position.”
As for him, Messahel highlighted the “excellent” bilateral relations, adding that the two countries are in a dynamic created by the 7th High Level Committee which led to “major decisions” … aiming at “strengthening the partnership for the mutual benefit of both countries.
This partnership covers renewable energies, industry, agriculture and energy.”
Messahel also announced that the “contracts on gas supply of Spain were renewed to 2030.”
At the regional level, the two countries were facing the same problems of migration, about which “we have exchanged our approaches and we must dialogue…,” Messahel pointed out.
The ministers also examined the counter-terrorism coordination as part of the mechanisms which exist in both countries, called to be “vigilant in a high turbulence region.”
Messahel also said he had discussed with his Spanish counterpart about the situation in Libya and the Sahel region. He set out the Algerian approach that advocates the political solution of these conflicts.
Western Sahara question, which is on the agenda of the United Nations, was on the menu of these discussions as Messahel highlighted the position of Algeria aiming at a settlement of this conflict through the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.

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