Algeria plays key role in peace, stability in region


GENEVA-Special Advisor for the MENA region at the Humanitarian Dialogue Center (HD Centre) Naoufel Omeyya Seddik said Wednesday that Algeria “plays a key role in peace and stability in the region.”

In a brief statement to APS, Omeyya Seddik spoke of a visit to Algeria on 4-6 January by a delegation from the HD Centre “to keep contact and consultation on a solution guaranteeing lasting stability through the rehabilitation of institutions and the restoration of national sovereignty in Libya, a sister country”.
The HD Centre, as an independent international organization, considers that “Algeria plays a key role in peace and stability in the region.”
According to him, foreign interference is among the factors behind the continuation of the crisis in Libya, especially since some countries “put forward pretexts of aid and assistance when in fact they are worsening the crisis.”

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