Algeria plays "historic role" in restoring peace, security

APS : Tuesday, 23 October 2018
ALGIERS- Algeria has played a “very important, historic role” in restoring peace and security in the world, Algerian diplomat and former Foreign minister Lakhdar Brahimi said Monday in Algiers.
“Algeria has played a historic, very important role for restoring peace and security” in the world, Brahimi said on the sidelines of a ceremony for the awarding of President of the Republic Prize of Professional Journalist.
The ceremony, held on the National Press Day, was attended by members of the Government.
Brahimi stressed that President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has made many achievements and made his mark as a Foreign Minister in the 1970s, while he was chairing the United Nations General Assembly and made it possible for the Palestinian charismatic leader Yasser Arafat to address the audience there and managed to drive out the South-Africans who represented the Apartheid regime.
“His (Bouteflika) positions and Algeria’s positions are numerous and very honourable,” he added.

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