Algeria masters borders securing means

Thursday, 21 March 2019
ALGIERS – Algeria has become “a model” to follow in the field of the fight against terrorism and the “total” mastery of the means for securing the borders against all the dangers, said Thursday
Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of national defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army.
The Chief of the Staff of the Army is on inspection visit go the 3rd Military Region in Béchar.
“Algeria has become, thanks to God, a model to follow, not only in counterterrorism and its capacity to thwart terrorism hostile plans, thanks to the wealth of experience the People’s National Army made up from year to year and wisely and efficiently uses to eradicate this scourge. It is also a model for its total mastery of the means for securing the borders against all the dangers, as part of an overall and integrated strategy,” said Gaïd Salah during this visit.
Ahmed Gaid Salah inspected the units of the Bechar northern operational sector and meet with the personnel of the sector units.
The Chief of the Staff of the Army also chaired a working session with members of the Region’s command and Chiefs of Staff.
“When we speak about the multiple experiences, we do not only refer to the material aspect and the efficient approaches adopted. We mainly stress this firm determination and the strong willingness which characterize our Armed Forces and all the security forces, as well as their perseverance to neutralize the threat of terrorism and save our country from these dangers,” added Gaïd Salah.
He also underlined the “professional work which now accompanies all the efforts made by all the Army units, with all its branches, is one of the key indexes of the progress achieved on the ground, in line with the overall and integrated strategy.”

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