Algeria-Mali: UN Secretary General pays tribute to Algeria

APS : Thursday, 31 May 2018
BAMAKO- United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres paid Wednesday, in Bamako, a glowing tribute to Algeria which has made major efforts that allowed the Malian parties to unite
around the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement, and which continues to make in this implementation phase.
Guterres paid this tribute to Algeria in his opening speech in the meeting that he held Wednesday, in Bamako, with the members of the Follow-up Committee on the implementation of Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali, stemmed from Algiers’ process.
He also praised Algeria’s efforts in the field of the fight against terrorism which contribute to the eradication of this phenomenon, notably in the Sahel-Sahara zone.
Concerning the situation in Mali, UN Secretary General, while congratulating the confidence which is progressively setting up among the Malian parties and which constitutes one of the most tangible achievements of the peace Agreement, said he is satisfied to see the different Malian signatory parties meeting in the same hall and speaking with one voice.

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