Algeria, Libya to update double tax agreement, reopen Deb Deb-Ghadamès border crossing

APS : SUNDAY 30 MAY 2021

ALGIERS- Algeria and Libya agreed on updating the double taxation agreement and speed up the reopening of Deb Deb-Ghadamès border crossing to facilitate transport of goods, said the Ministry of Finance in a communiqué.
Decided during the Algerian-Libyan Economic Forum, these measures have been reasserted during a meeting of Minister of Finance Aïmen Benabderrahmane and Libyan Minister of Economy and Commerce Mohamed Al-Hawij.

The two ministers examined a “number of points of common interest likely to enhance the bilateral relations to the level of aspirations, in terms of investment promotion and investor protection,” said the same source.
Benabderrahmane broached “the legal frameworks in force and called for revising them.”

The parties also “agreed on the need to update the double taxation agreement, which dates to 1988 and to establish the necessary measures for the reopening of the Deb Deb- Ghadames border crossing to facilitate the transport of goods through customs arrangements to be taken by both sides.”

Regarding the reopening of the border crossing point, the Minister of Finance announced the opening of a bank agency in Deb Deb in order to facilitate banking procedures related in particular to the domiciliation and monitoring of banking transactions between the two countries, indicates the press release.

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