Algeria, Japan work for renewing bilateral cooperation mechanisms

YOKOHAMA (JAPAN)- 29 August 2019

Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui said Thursday, in Yokohama, that Algeria and Japan work together to renew the bilateral cooperation mechanisms through the creation of a joint economic committee.

Bedoui, meeting the members of the Japan-African Union parliamentary friendship group, said the joint committee will “include governmental representatives as well as those of public and private sectors in the two countries.”

Negotiations concerning the adoption of two bilateral agreements on promotion and protection of investments and double taxation avoidance have known a “significant development,” Bedoui said.

In response to reservations made by some Japanese on the “business climate and investment in Algeria, such as the law 51/49,” the prime minister said “hundreds of companies are operating in Algeria according to the law, including the Japanese firm NIKKEI-JGC, which has adapted to Algerian laws and has created its subsidiary SPA Algeria JGC.”

Concerning bilateral antiparliamentary cooperation, Bedoui voiced wish that the members of Algeria-Japan parliamentary group, created recently, resumes works “as soon as possible.”

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