Algeria-Indonesia: Committees for tourism cooperation on tap soon

CONSTANTINE (Algeria)- Specialized commissions bringing together executives from the tourism sector of Algeria and Indonesia will soon be set up to define cooperation aspects in the field of tourism,
investment and training, said Thursday Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Algeria, Safira Mashrusah.
“Algeria has significant assets in the field of tourism that should add value to the Algerian economy and Indonesia is ready to cooperate with it,” said the Ambassador during her intervention at the Algeria-Indonesia Business Forum, organized with the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-Rumel) of Constantine.
Safira Mashrusah said that these committes will ensure implementation of partnership projects between Algeria and Indonesia, as part of the efforts deployed by the two countries to strengthen bilateral cooperation.
The forum seeks “to promote, at the highest level, commercial transactions between Algeria and Indonesia in the various fields,” including the pharmaceutical sector, enegineering industry, culture and agribusiness, added the Indonesian Ambassador.
For his part, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-Rumel) of Constantine, Larbi Souissi, said that the Indonesian ambassadors’s visit to Constantine was an opportunity to discuss the best “ways” to improve trade exchanges and promote bilateral relations in several areas.
During her visit to Constantine, the Indonesian Ambassador to Algeria attended the opening of an exhibition at the “Emir Abdelkader” University of Islamic Sciences dedicated to the Indonesian President Ahmed Sukarno (1901-1970), the first Head of State of the Republic of Indonesia (1945-1967).
The Indonesian Ambassador also took part, at the same university, in a meeting on the Bandung conference, held in 1955 in Indonesia, which brought together, for the first time, representatives of African and Asian non-aligned countries.

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