Algeria has always supported Libya, says Siala

APS : Sunday, 21 January 2018
ALGIERS- Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Taher Siala said Saturday, in Algiers, that Algeria is one of the countries favouring a political solution to Libya crisis, adding that Algiers has always backed his country.
Siala said discussions with his Algerian counterpart, Abdelkader Messahel,” were part of the periodic meetings the two sides hold in a fraternal atmosphere,” Siala told reporters.
Libya, which has always received support from Algiers, had also backed Algeria during the liberation war (1954-1962), he underlined.
The two sides, Siala said, focused on issues of common interest, adding that he provided details to Messahel on the latest developments in Libya.
“It is not strange that Algeria be informed on the situation in Libya, as it is one of the main States calling for a political solution in this country.”
The Libyan official said Algeria is one of the countries having declared that the solution to the conflict in Libya should not be military but political, within the framework of the political agreement signed in 2015.
Libya’s foreign policy chief said he held discussions with Messahel about the agenda of Sunday’s (5+5 Dialogue) meeting, the African agenda for the next continental summit and some issues relating to regional security.
Siala said there is convergence of views between the two countries.

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