Algeria, Egypt sign agreement to revive bilateral business council

APS : Thursday, 13 December 2018
CAIRO- Algeria and Egypt signed Thursday, in Cairo, a cooperation agreement to give a boost to the Algerian-Egyptian business council, at standstill since 2002.
The agreement was signed, on the Algerian side, by the head of Trade and Industry Chamber (CACI) Mohamed El Aid Benamor, and on the Egyptian side, by the head of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce Ahmed El Ouakil, in an Algerian-Egyptian businessmen forum, held on the sidelines of the 1st Intra-African Trade Fair, organized from 11 to 17 December in Cairo.
In his speech in this bilateral forum, Benamor invited some Algerian and Egyptian businessmen and operators, who attended this meeting, to intensify their exchanges in order to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.
While stressing the importance of the two countries’ economic potential, he said that there were several business opportunities for the Algerian and Egyptian businessmen both in Algeria and Egypt.
He underlined the significant improvement of business climate in Algeria in the last few years, pointing out the several mechanisms set up to encourage foreign direct investments.
Lamenting the lack of intra-African trading, he affirmed that Algeria and Egypt are able to access the African and Middle Eastern markets owing to their expertise in various fields like food-processing industry and agriculture, mechanics, textile and construction.

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