Algeria, Egypt seal partnership for freshwater fish farming

APS : Wednesday, 07 November 2018
ORAN (Algeria)- A partnership agreement has recently been concluded between Algeria and Egypt, a leader in freshwater aquaculture, on the development of Nile tilapia farming in Algeria,
the director general of Fishing and Aquaculture said Wednesday.
The agreement was concluded during a visit by a delegation from the general directorate of fishing and aquaculture to Cairo, Egypt, early November, Taha Hammouche told APS.
“Egypt is considered as one of the leaders in aquaculture production and freshwater fish farming, including the Nile tilapia, which reaches about one million tonnes a year.”
The partnership will be carried out through a Nile Tilapia farm to be set up in the province of Bechar (965-km southwest of Algiers).
Egypt will participate in the management of the farm and will provide technical experts, alevins and fish feed, he added.
Algeria does have an experience in aquaculture fish farming, including Nile Tilapia, however production is limited, Hammouche noted.
The partnership with Egypt aims to master the massive production of this freshwater fish, to be exported to Europe, the United States and Canada.

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