Algeria- Côte d’Ivoire Forum: Agri-food, agriculture likely to boost trade

APS : Saturday, 20 February 2021

ALGIERS- The agri-food and agriculture constitute the main sectors likely to contribute to strengthening trade between Algeria and Côte d’Ivoire, the director general of the Arab-African Center
of investment and development (CAAID), Amine Boutalbi said on Saturday in Algiers.
“Algeria aims to strengthen trade with Côte d’Ivoire in various fields, particularly agrifood and agriculture which are the strengths of the two countries,” Boutalbi said during the Algerian Côte d’Ivoire Forum, organized by videoconference.
He added that Côte d’Ivoire represents for Algeria “the gateway” to West Africa and “a commercial hub” in this region, for its proximity with 14 countries of the continent.
The Forum brought together nearly 300 businessmen from both countries, in addition to 700 operators registered in business to business (B2B) platforms.
The platform allowed the scheduling of more than 120 meetings between the Algerian-Ivory Coast economic operators.
Boutalbi also noted the importance of this kind of meeting in order to “better target” the products to be exported but also to be imported, according to the needs of the two economies.
He also said that this forum will help establish direct contacts between Algerian and Ivory Coast economic actors, avoiding “the additional costs generated by intermediaries.”

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