Algeria condemns in "most vigorous terms" Paris attacks

APS : Saturday, 14 November 2015
ALGIERS-Algeria on Saturday condemned in “the most vigorous terms” the bloody terrorist attacks Friday in Paris, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.
“Algeria condemns in the most vigorous terms the bloody terrorist attacks in the evening of Friday to Saturday in Paris,” the same source stressed.
“Through indiscriminate and unprecedented violence against innocent victims, terrorism has taken a further step in horror and in his vain quest to plunge countries and societies in obscurantism,” the statement noted.
“Algeria and its people, which have experienced the horrors of fatal terrorism, offer solidarity with the French people and government and the families of the victims, stand with them and express their support and sympathy in this terrible ordeal,” the Ministry assured.
In these difficult moments “solidarity with France must be accompanied with a resolute determination of all countries to contribute with all possible means to overcome and renounce terrorism around the world, as it obviously represents a serious threat against the whole humanity and all human values,” the statement concluded.

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